Texas Master Naturalist Area

Date: Sept 25 - Sept 29, 2024
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Texas Master Naturalist Kid Zone


  • Courtney Allison (830)237-5182
  • Sammy Sikes (210)389-4462


  • Abbey Batey (830) 237-3145
  • Crystal Wehe (830)214-3935

We are super excited to announce the Texas Master Naturalist Kid Zone! This area is focused on educational experience and opportunities to allow the kids who come into this area to learn all about agriculture!


Wednesday, Sept 25 8-1:30 (school tours)

Thursday, Sept 26 8-1:30 (school tours)

Friday, Sept 27 12 noon -10 pm

**Please note times and schedule are subject to change without notice**

2024 School Day at The Fair

This years school tours will be held Wednesday September 25th and Thursday September 26th. Please fill out the form below as spacing is limited and available on a first sign up basis. This will allow us to meet the needs of all the students visiting the Comal County Fair During School Day at the Fair. Please fill out one form per class.

This years School Day at The Fair will be TEKS aligned and contain multiple stations for students to visit during the tour. We are excited about this NEW design. We are also inviting all teachers to have students pack a lunch and eat lunch at the Comal County Fair the day of their school tour. With the new TEKS alignment we are asking that teachers allow more time to stay as we will be adding 6 stations that will be 10 minutes in length each.

For more information on the school tours please contact Carl Plant (830)708-5406 or Courtney Allison (830)237-5182

**Please note that these areas will be open during the general public hours as well and you are more than welcome to visit the areas at these times.**

School Day at the Fair will close at 1:30pm on both Wednesday and Thursday.
Dates Available

Tour Time Please select your arrival time

School Tour Areas Please Check Areas Wanting to Visit

The school day at the fair will include the following areas that students will get to experience:
  • Baby Barn Yard
  • Baby Chicks
  • AgriLife Path to the Plate Tour
  • HEB Activities


Texas AgriLife Kid Zone
Sept 25 - Sept 29, 2024
School Day At The Fair
Sept 25 - Sept 26, 2024
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