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Washer Pitchin' Tournament

Date: Sept 20, 2024
Time: 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
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16th Annual Washer Pitchin' Tourney

Co-Chairs: Pam Manchack, Jennifer Baker

Committee: Jasper Baker, Greg Bennett, John Manchack, Jill Bennett, Kyle Hart and Ashton Hart

1)Registration and/or check in needs:

a. Friday at 6:00pm

2) Practice pitching will end:

a. Friday at 6:25pm


3) Upon registration and/or check-in, one team member will draw for their position on the bracket.

4) Each team is responsible for keeping score and reporting winner to the announcers stand.

5)General Tournament Rules are as followed:

The game field consists of two washer pits, each containing one recessed cup of 3 inches in diameter, positioned a specific distance apart, towards which players throw washers to score points. The official distance, from the cup centers is 21 feet.

Each player throws four washers toward the opposite cup. Subsequent throwing order is based on who scored last with the scorer throwing first. In games with standard pit, players may stand anywhere, as long as they are behind the front of the pit, when throwing. The starting contestant throws all four washers, one at a time, followed but the second player's throws. Only one play may score per round. A washer inside the cup is 5 points, leaning over the side is 3 points, and closes to the cup is 1 point. Scoring is done after all contestants have thrown. Should player #2 hit player #1's washer for example, and nudge it closer to the cup than his own, Player #1 thanks Player #2 and benefits.

Should Player #1 land a washer inside the cup and Player #2 also lands a washer inside the cup, Play #2's throw negates the upper and no points are awarded for the upper. In this example, points, points will be awarded based on the remaining washers and their distance from the cup. (Distance from the cup is generally determined by visual observation but may require a measurement. In the rare event that the wo closest washers are equidistant from the cup, no points are awarded. Should Player #1 score two coppers and Player #2 caps only one of them, 5 points would be awarded to Player #1.

A winning game is determined in several ways. Should one player or team reach 11 points before the opponent scores a single point, the game is called a skunk and the player or team with zero points loses. Should one player or team score 17 points while the opponent has score only 1 point, the game is called a whitewash and the player or team with only 1 point is out of the competition. When one player or teams reaches 21 or more points before the opponent reaches 20 points, the game has gone full-term and the team or player with 21 or more points is declared the winner. You must win by two or more.

For any questions or disputes, please see the judge or a committee member.


Cash prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for both Team Competition Tourneys

Entry Fees:

Teams: $40.00 per team per day

*All entry forms with entry fees must be received by Sept 1st 2024, to ensure a t-shirt.


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